Kernow Bujutsu Testimonials

... 'I was worried my general skills, fitness or physical abilities would make it very difficult. However, I found Kernow Bujutsu to be a massively friendly, professional and knowledgeable place to learn martial arts. My ability and skill is never questioned or pushed beyond my comfort and I trust my instructors completely.'

A.T from Redruth, Cornwall


... 'I decided to learn martial arts and found Kernow Bujutsu. I was a little apprehensive at first but made a phone call and was told to come along and join in with the first lesson for free. Many lessons later I'm loving it, with great and very welcoming freindly people with good positive attitudes.'

N.H from Illogan, Cornwall


... 'I was doubtful at first, I mean I felt too old to learn martial arts. I always wanted to learn something as exciting as a real self defence art (instead of a sport), but the thought of joining an established group of bujutsu martial artists was surprisingly daunting. One day I found some courage, rang up and found the free first lesson super fun. Four years later and I still enjoy each training like the first; there is so much depth, and so much knowledge to indulge in. Budo changed my life, perhaps I could go as far as saying Budo saved my life' ...

B.N.E from the North Coast, Cornwall


... 'I have studied several martial arts at a high grade level and the skills I took away from Kernow Bujutsu easily top them all. The quick paced style of training integrating techniques from all corners of a huge syllabus make you learn fast. You can literally feel yourself getting better week on week. Coupled with a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere makes this an overall excellent training experience. Whether you're looking for a weekly hobby or something to completely immerse yourself in, I would recommend it to anyone'.

J.S from Bristol


... 'Great for the body and the mind. No pretentious hierarchy or politics, just respect and friendship. It's great to train for enjoyment with like-minded people, and it's been over 4 years now and I still love it.'

B.C from Falmouth, Cornwall